Happy birthday, Johan!



11 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Johan!

  1. Gefeliciteerd 50 alweer,,wijsheid komt met de jaren he???,,hoop dat jullie een mooie dag hebben ik zou zeggen geniet ervan…

  2. Beste Johan,
    Wat is er nog mooier dan je 50ste verjaardag te vieren tesamen met je vrouw onderweg zijnde met Rudy en Smokey aan de kust ergens in Singapore.
    Geniet van je 50ste levensjaar man.
    Hopelijk tot ergens in Australië of Nieuw-Zeeland.
    Welgemeende verjaardagswensen.
    ludo linden

  3. Hi Johann and missus? Hey I have a burning question for you. As your aware Im 50 years old too. I’m wondering whether all this cycling daily has actually made your body leaner. has all the fat just dissolved or does a certain amount remain at all times. I really need to start to burn as I enter the dangerous decade health wise as they say. Hope alls well wherever you are. take care and best wishes, Nazir from Muscat,Oman

    • Sorry for getting back to you so late. Yes, we lost some weight but as always with fat loss you lose it all over your body not just were you would love to lose it. Johan certainly lost more than I, but then it also depends on how active you were before you are going on a bike tour. Not sire if this fully answers your question and good luck with your own travels. It is never too late to leave.

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