Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Wow! Another award nomination! This time from Alex’s cycle. Thank you so much Alex! And for those who don’t know this award as yet, I have to tell you seven things about myself and nominate seven other bloggers for the same.

Here you go:

1. I am a world citizen, but I am still proud to be German even though we Germans are not allowed to be so. Everybody in India asks me about Adolf Hitler as soon as they learn I am German. I still like to be German but dislike to have a ‘smelly’ history.

2. I’ve spent two months in India and another month is yet to come, did you know that I hate chaos?

3. I am a fading blonde as I don’t think they can dye my hair in India or elsewhere in Asia.

4. I am a sports addict and cycling is my favorite.

5. I love being outdoors and exposed to the elements, especially the sun.

6. I love cooking and I love eating even more. That’s why I am a sports addict.

7. I am a hard worker, stubborn, unforgiving, impatient, moody, difficult but I still have friends, and Johan, that’s the best.

And these are the bloggers I would like to nominate:

1. Manboy – for his colorful, descriptive but sometimes disgusting way of writing

2. Sharon and Tom – for their courage to cycling the world for more than two years

3. Darcie – for having written a book and leaving corporate world for more

4. Effie – for being a wonderful person and to encourage her to continue writing

5. DizzyLizzy – for a great writer and good friend, but also to encourage her to write more fun stuff and less job stuff

6. Mike – for always liking our blogs and for what he does

7. Joe – for cycling where we will cycle soon as well



One thought on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Here are my seven things!

    1. I jump into things even when I have no clue what I am doing.

    2. I love sports. I am not good at any of them — but that doesn’t stop me.

    3. The longest I lived anywhere (Shanghai) was five years.

    4. I hate driving, but find it to be a necessary evil in middle America.

    5. I love the feeling of a fire or the sun on my back.

    6. I love mornings when no one is up yet or flying on a plane when I am unreachable (alas that may not be for much longer).

    7. I am a recovering diet coke addict (going into month six without one!).

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