Change of plans

Before finishing up our Istanbul visit I need to update you on an unforeseen change of our journey. As some of you may remember Johan has had a painful knee more or less since the very beginning of our journey when he twisted his knee while trying to get out of one of our foldable chairs. At the beginning the pain was quite hard but cycling didn’t bother him too much and the pain came and went depending on how hard we cycled or walked and walking definitely was worse for him. Despite a one-week cycling rest in Istanbul, the pain stayed and Johan finally decided to see a doctor – in Delhi! We spent our first four days in India vitiating the Dutch and German embassies, doctors, physiotherapists, a hospital and the diagnose was quite devastating: a medial meniscus tear. Johan saw three different doctors and all advised him to get an arthroscopy to cut away the torn part of the meniscus. While there was no emergency to get this operation done immediately, with one wrong movement he might no longer be able to move his knee at all. We’ve had thorough discussions on what to do next and finally Johan decided to get the operation done in Delhi. We both saw the operating doctor, a senior knee surgeon and the head of the orthopedic department and the hospital – very modern and clean – and since all doctors confirmed that this would be a minor surgery taking a maximum of 15 minutes, we thought there wouldn’t be much risk involved. We moved from our guesthouse in the North of Delhi to the very South of the city and now have a room next to the hospital.

At the time of writing I saw Johan in the recovery room and he was doing well. Theoretically he could leave hospital already this evening but he decided to stay the night – circumstances here are very different than elsewhere, more on this in one of our next posts.

Johan will also start on his recovery exercises this very afternoon, he will not get any crutches and can start walking immediately. If all goes well and his knee recovers as planned, we can continue our journey in three weeks from now. Which means we’ve lost a month of traveling through India and will no longer be able to visit the South of India, but will return to Delhi before continuing our trip in the Far East (our tourist visa allows for a 3-month stay only).

On the flip side we now have the opportunity to plan our Asia trip more thoroughly, get our visas for upcoming countries sorted out and get fully adjusted to India, its culture, food, people, climate and everything else.

Johan at the hospital’s cashier – goodbye privacy, the other people around him are just other patients also wanting to pay their bill!

Ensuring that he is getting operated his right knee – enlarge to see the arrow!

In the recovery room right after the surgery

Happily eating lunch!






9 thoughts on “Change of plans

  1. Dear Johan (and Bärbel), All the best and get well soon! You’ll see – you’ll cycle faster than ever before on your trip soon 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about this injury, but I hope you guys both see this as a temporary detour, and Johan will have a full, healthy recovery.

  3. Oooops… I like “the unexpected”, but maybe not this one ;-). From the pictures, I see Johan is doing well after the surgery… Hope the knee as well 😉 “Enjoy” the recovery in Delhi!

  4. What one wouldn’t do to get a free meal and a warm bed surrounded by young nurses!

    Jokes aside, I hope this unforeseen part of your adventure will not damper your mood, but it is much better to have gotten this taken care of in Delhi than in the middle of India somewhere, by a local doctor.

    The good thing is that you are going to get a chance to see Delhi in dept and really get to know the city.

    Have fun, and a speedy recovery to Johan.

  5. Just like to thank all people for the nice mails and warm wishes for a speedy recovery. I have to admit that I found the idea of getting operated in an Indian hospital quite scary. But after our visit to the Medanta hospital and the surgeon I felt quite comfortable. On the admission day and a few hours before the operation my doubts came back when I was asked what happened and for how long I had pain in my right shoulder. But this was only one of the 23 nurses who looked after me and was completing her paperwork.
    My first feeling was right, I have no pain anymore and am already able to walk which is quite a new experience after having cycled the last 2 months 3200 km with a torn meniscus. I am confident that we will be able to continue our journey in 3 weeks.

    • Wow – so that’s what you’ve been up to!! We wish you all the best, it sounds like you’ll soon be back on the road but take it easy. Loads of love Sharon and Tim

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