2,000 kilometers and first month recap

October 4, 2012 – Believe it or not but we cycled exactly 2,000km in 30 days. This is an average of 67km per day. In the meantime we rode through six countries and hit the 2,000 in the seventh country, Romania. I can hardly believe that we have been on the road for a full month now, it still feels as if we have just left. Maybe also thanks to this blog and the internet connection, which brings us closer to a lot of people since we communicate much more regularly to keep in touch.


There are some developments though, that remind us on being roadsters: our skin color has turned into a healthy dark brown. Johan’s hair has become long, I will soon call him Catweazle. My hair is OK by the way, when I told my hairdresser what we are going to do she said she is expecting me to have flees soon and Rasta hair. None of it is true, thankfully (so far at least). My bottom is getting very sore, all of a sudden. Not really sure why this happens now, since I did not have any problems in the past and the first weeks. If any cyclist has a tip for me, I am happy to hear what you are doing!

We are getting perfectly shaped legs, very muscular and strong. There is some work to do for the upper body though. We’ll get that worked out soon, we hope. Cycling 100km and beyond gets much easier and is getting more and more the norm for us, even if there are hills or headwinds in between. We are getting tired, I wrote that earlier already, but actually we really need a few rest-days in a row, not just one day and then on the saddle again for a full day (that’s most likely also the reason for my sore bottom). We currently don’t camp which is less hassle to move from one place to the other every day, but sometimes I wish we could just stay someplace a bit longer. Unfortunately we really don’t have much time left, so I am afraid we’ll just continue this way until Istanbul. What really doesn’t bother us is having so little clothes with us, on the contrary: we sometimes think we even have too many things with us. I already lost my favorite cycling T-shirt, no clue how and when, so I am glad I have a ‘spare’ shirt with me. Food is OK so far, our self prepared dishes are of course limited to a few different meals but we try to eat enough fruit and vegetables every day to stay healthy. Johan already starts thinking about what he will eat when we are back home again.

All in all a great experience so far and we are still very happy that we took this decision and enjoy the cycling and all our adventures with different people cultures, languages, landscapes with all its ups and downs very much.


2 thoughts on “2,000 kilometers and first month recap

  1. It really is some adventure, and I can imagine the internet does a lot of good. From this side it is amazing following your adventure! I did have to pull out a map now to see how far you are from Istanbul as you say time could be an issue – on the small map it looks very close of course 🙂 Hope Romania treats you well and you do not meet any of the prejudices in real life!

  2. Fantastic!!! 2000 km already 🙂 …and we are still avidly following online and I have developed a somewhat annoying habit of dipping into my inbox to see if there is an alert of a new post from Cycling the World cos I can’t wait to hear the next instalment :))
    I hope your bottom doesn’t turn out to be as difficult to resolve as my feet! At least you don’t have toe nails on your bottom.. but then thinking about it I don’t have many toe nails on my toes either!
    Keep peddling, keep writing and keep taking photos!!
    xx Liz

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