1,000 kilometers

Since our last update we’ve made quite some progress. We are in Ljubljana now, the capital of Slovenia. So far we haven’t seen much since the campsite is outside the city and we only arrived yesterday in the late afternoon. Slovenia will be part of my next blog post.

In the meantime we visited Venice in the rain – a good excuse to choose a hotel again – and as my brother said: water from above and from underneath. The city is amazing, with all its canals, singing gondoliers and beautiful historic buildings.


The following day the weather was beautiful again and we continued pedaling East along the Adriatic coast and we thought we were back in the Dutch polders: small canals, green fields, fishermen….


But when we arrived we knew we were still in Italy, occupied by German and Dutch vacationers: Caorle is a huge vacation resort with parks of vacation apartments and huge 5 star campsites. Most of the campsites were already closed so we decided to ask at the tourist information where to go. They sent us 8km back again from where we came and we arrived at a HUGE resort with a golf course and all kinds of animation and bracelets you have to wear so everyone knows you belong there (all you need after a long day cycling and all we appreciate so much – for those who don’t know us so well, we are the mini-campers preferably at a farm with clean and quiet facilities). But given there was no other choice we decided to ask for a spot, when they told us we had to stay two nights. TWO NIGHTS. Charming Johan tried to convince the two women behind the reception and told them we are cycling to Turkey and we cannot afford paying two nights etc., etc. But no success, the women looked at us as if we were completely nuts, since rules are rules and even if we are in Italy rules cannot be broken. And this while we are there clearly after the high season. So the Swabian and the Dutch decided to leave this place and continued looking for a campsite. And annoying things are always good for something: not even 500m later we found another beautiful campsite and we only paid 10 EUR for the night! And we could still hear the DJ all night long from the other resort – for free :-))).

The next day we wanted to reach Slovenia, finally a new country on our list. Shortly after our departure we reached our first 1,000 km:

We could have made it to Slovenia, if we would not have gone in circles for the last 3 hours or so. Believe it or not, but we just couldn’t find the right way other than taking the extremely busy national roads. They usually don’t have bike-paths and no shoulders at all. The traffic that day was so horrendous that we both did not want to take these roads. The problem though was that the villages on our maps did not match with the few villages on the road signs (if there were signs at all!). We just couldn’t find any decent road to cycle on. We ended up using our small handlebar compasses, cycling non-paved roads, which is not really an issue, until the street decides to suddenly turn West while we actually have to go East. So here you see our problem. We were so desperate in the end to make at least some progress that we decided at around 6.30pm (close to sunset) to take the national road – following the only sign to a city we also found on our map. Thankfully it wasn’t as busy anymore, however, still no fun to cycle. And the good end of this story: We ended up in a great ‘agriturismo’ with a nice room, warm showers, great food and wine and a cosy bed to sleep in. Life is beautiful!


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