Bella Italia

Italy has always been one of my favorite vacation destination in Europe, not sure because of having spent most of my childhood’s summer vacations in Italy or because of the million other reasons:

Italians just know how to enjoy life, they have great food, beautiful landscapes with a huge variety, people are mostly extremely friendly and helpful, even though the ones we met so far hardly spoke English, Italy has a great and old culture, wonderful charming villages and Italians always look good. If they go for a run, work, sit on a bike, go to the beach, they are always perfectly dressed, just as the old cyclist, fully dressed in a white bike outfit, with a matching white helmet, matching white gloves and of course a matching white race bike with even white tyres. It’s pure joy to look at them, I need to be careful not to start staring, a bad habit with no bad intention, I just love to see good-looking and well dressed people.

Too late for the guy in white, but don’t these guys look gorgeous as well?

And not to forget about the language, doesn’t Italian just sound like tiramisu, amore, ti amo, and other wonderful things?

We left Lago di Garda yesterday and cycled along the lake for about 40km, with a big smile on our faces all way long, just because it was another perfect day, great cycling – it goes better and better every day – and again the beautiful lake always on our right hand-side.


After 75km we arrived on the campsite in Verona. Harekrishna! That’s how we feel here, it’s the most interesting campsite we’ve ever been to, lounge areas everywhere (but don’t expect these luxurious city lounges, it’s more the Harekrishna style, if you know what I mean). It is located in the ruins of an old castle, our tent is placed under grape-vines, we have free WiFi all day long with perfect connection and everybody is sitting on the terrace to catch up on email etc. And we are by far the oldest here, average age is maybe 18! Peace on Earth, Harekrishna!

Our tent is the green one in the front with the laundry hanging above!

Last but not least I wanted to thank our loyal followers and those who comment regularly on our blog or even share our updates. We really love hearing from you and it is usually the first thing we do when we are online, check out for news from family and friends at home. And please don’t think we are ignoring you just because we cannot reply on every comment. We read all of them and are very happy to get your feedback. So please continue sharing your thoughts with us and inspire all the others who haven’t written as yet. All languages are welcome by the way (preferably Dutch, German, French or English though).


Ciao ragazzi, see you soon!


15 thoughts on “Bella Italia

  1. Na herrlich,
    schön wenn Ihr es schafft so regelmäßig zu posten. Da ist man förmlich mit auf Tour. Und klar, bei Soleggiamento, feinstem Mangiare und bekannten Ferienerinnerungen will man auch dabei sein!
    Aber es sind definitiv zu wenig Bilder und viel zu wenig Text 😉 Also strengt Euch an und gelobet Besserung!
    Liebe Grüße aus Empfingen,
    Alex mit Selma und Tina!

    • Und ich dachte schon, es ist zu viel Text, oder ist das etwa Ironie ;-)?
      Bin dabei, Fotos auf Flickr hochzuladen, dann gibt’s etwas mehr zu sehen. Und wenn du auf die Fotos klickst, kannst dunsie vergrößern, aber das weißt du ja wahrscheinlich.
      Alles Liebe an alle!

      • What about a compromise… more text for the men and more photos of Italian men on bicycles for the ladies? 😉
        It’s really great to hear so regularly from you both. I hope you can keep it going when you get to the REALLY interesting places that many of us haven’t had the chance to visit. Fingers crossed for global WIFI-ing.
        Let me know where you are loading onto Flickr. I can’t wait to see more.
        Take care both.
        PS I can’t post on my FB page where I walked cos we are route planning… but it was 28.5km in the area along/round the Schelde walking south to Dendermonde. Sssh!
        Liz x

  2. Hallo ihr zwei
    Könntet ihr vielleicht ein bisschen auf Deutsch übersetzen denn mein Englisch ist noch nicht so gut.

  3. Waw so great !!!!
    Indeed beautiful pictures ! Several look very farmiliar as we went this summer to Austria and Italia ( Lago di Garda, Verona, Venice)

    Verona : Did Johan already sing a serenade to you from under Juliette’s balcony ???
    There is a fabulous ice cream place in Verona : Gelateria Venchi ! They have an amazing chocolate ice cream : cuor di cacao 75%. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING FLAVOR !!! OMG, just thinking back of it…..

    Some news from back here ( BE/FedEx) : your car found a good new driver……me 🙂 as of October 1st

    Enjoy your journey further and keep us posted. It is really fab to read your updates.


  4. You right guy…it costed me a fortune to buy all the fancy equipment ormmy mountainbike and not to look a black sheet in the group. Viva Italia !

  5. Thanks for the great pics. I feel like I am on vacation again! Which Is great after a full day in front of a computer screen!!!

    Keep them coming. And if so enclined, feel free to send us some ice cream. 🙂

  6. Both of you are making a lot of people jealous, keep up the posts as the photos look amazing. i can’t believe how little kit you managed to leave with!

  7. Hi Baerbel, Johan

    It looks great, you are moving quit well forward to your goal as well I think.

    Italy is definitely a nice area to cycle. To be honest one of my favorite places to spend holidays J

    Looking forward to your next updates.



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  8. Hi Johan and Baerbel,

    just a quick note from The Netherlands, it’s really great to read your stories and I’m amazed about the progress you guys make!

    I just came back from a week of cycling in the dolomites (Stelvio, Gavia) and around lake como, so I fully understand the smile on your faces, enjoy it!

    Good luck and keep on posting the updates!

    Drive safe!


  9. Great story writer Baerbel !! love to read it and to follow your progress.
    Best of luck for you and Johan, we’ll be watching you 🙂

    Harry & Anton (HR AMSA)

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