Lago di Garda – rest day!

Ciao ragazzi! Here we are again, in beautiful Italy at the lake of Garda, and more precisely in Malcesine.

Perfect weather again, after one full day of rain – when we still managed to cycle almost 5 hours, dressed like black aliens with all our rain gear and all our warm clothes on as well. It’s been a shame though since we started cycling on the famous Adige/Etsch bike path, which starts through fields and fields of apple trees, which all looked perfect, just ready to be eaten or to be used for a wonderful self-made apple pie, or apple sauce… here we go again, I am always thinking about food, at least this is what Johan thinks. But we really behaved and didn’t steal a single apple, I swear. But what I really wanted to tell you is that we were surrounded by snow-covered 4,000m mountains and all we could see was rain, rain, rain and rain and I was ‘singing in the rain…’. Luckily we’ve been there just a year ago to join my parents on their last day’s holiday, so we knew what we missed. We spent the night in a small pension again just outside Merano to continue the next day along the Adige.

The next day was beautiful again, with TAILWINDS all day long. I had to write it in capital letters, since it was sooooooooo nice to cycle like this, and with hardly any effort. First time we cycled more than 100km! 112km to be exact. We camped on a farm, with private showers, toilets etc., but…… next to a beach volleyball field (which we thought is meant for the kids of the farmer or for the campsite or pension guests), but no, this is the field of the local beach volleyball team, which just arrived for their training, when we were ready to go to bed. I think we were the first ones to ever camp at this farm (while there was a sign saying ‘agri campign’, really). They looked at us as if we were complete idiots, in our pajamas, bike clothes under our arms, just coming out of the showers. Never mind, their play was horrible and a looooong way for them to become good! Oh, did I mention the storm that night? I couldn’t sleep because I heard the apples falling from the trees – every five seconds – and because I was afraid of trees falling exactly onto our tent, or we are getting blown away.

But we survived the night and the falling apples and are now just finishing off a lazy day at the lago: 3km cycling to the village (Malcesine), strolling through the small streets and market, eating (we are hungry all the time, this is crazy), then ice-cream (Italians make the best ice-cream in the world), cycling back 3km to the campsite, sleeping in the sun next to the lago, thinking about what we could eat in the evening, shopping, cooking, eating…….

Ciao ragazzi, see you soon!


7 thoughts on “Lago di Garda – rest day!

  1. Love following your great adventure – and the joy of life exhaling from your words. I do not doubt you made the right choice despite winds, mountains, rains and storms!

    This is truly adventure for life!

  2. Hi Baerbel & Johan,
    ‘New Post on Cycling the world’ is currently my favourite email…great reading!! We also liked Johans Video…mehr davon!!! 🙂
    Liebe Grüße, Anja

  3. Hi Baerbel and Johan !

    Love reading your updates… So well described that we could live your trip from home… Love those little funny moments… You made me laugh when I imagine you passing by the beachvolley players in pyjama 🙂

    Wish you all the best… and a lot of tailwinds 🙂 !!!

    Take good care of you,


  4. I think it is very normal to think about apple pie when cruising through apple tree heaven… And you’re burning 1000 of calories with your crazy cycling every day… In that case I would be dreaming of HUGH apple pies 😀

  5. hey Baerbel en Johan,

    Wat ontzettend leuk om jullie verhalen te lezen! klinkt echt super gaaf en heel avontuurlijk; have a great trip!!!!

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