Here we are again – sitting in a nice and warm hotel room and enjoying the luxury of an own bathroom, comfy bed and nice food. We’ve blown this week’s budget for sure, even though we are staying in small pensions. Never mind, tonight we’ll go to a campsite again, for sure (it is currently raining and very windy, but the weather will be nice and sunny as of tomorrow again).

By now we’ve achieved quite a lot: yesterday’s trip was even more difficult and exhausting than the Arlberg, because we had not to cross just one pass, but several, due to the main road being closed for cyclist. We left St. Anton at around 8.45h and cycled downhill 27 km for about 2 hours to Landeck, what a fun after all this climbing the day before and knowing there would be another mountain coming very soon. The first half we cycled on small bike paths along a river, the second part of the journey continued on the ‘Bundesstrasse” to Landeck, which wasn’t busy at all and perfect to cycle.

Shortly after Landeck the climbing started again, softly but steadily. Still no big deal, even though we already cycled more than 50km.

But then we arrived at the border of Switzerland again, where a sign said bikes are not allowed on the direct way over the Reschenpass. Oh dear, were our first thoughts. But it was really worth the detour: first, because the landscape was just beautiful, second, because we could see the traffic on the main road, which wasn’t fun at all, third because the climb was steady, but not as steep as the day before and last, because there was hardly any traffic, other than cyclists, cheering us up on the way up. A group of mountain bikers even took our picture when they heard what we are about to do :-).

The only downside was that we had to climb three times to get to Italy and the Reschensee. The below picture is the proof that we made it up the most difficult climb!

But the worse was still to come – we again went down to Nauders, to climb again. We first thought, that’s an easy go, only 100m altitude difference, but…. that’s where the headline comes in: HEADWINDS! Nothing worse than that, every cyclist will confirm. We had to use our smallest gears to even cycle downhill, what a mess, after already more than 90km cycled. But we also managed this and finally arrived after about 7 hours cycling in total at the Reschensee:

That’s it for today. We are heading off to Bolzano, in the pouring rain. And this is Johan’s first movie, the trailer of our trip, enjoy watching: http://vimeo.com/user13277989.

See you!


4 thoughts on “Headwinds

  1. Wow! Well done, long distance + mountains + headwinds… Your muscles will love the comfy beds rather than camping beds after such a sportive day.

    Stunning views in the video! Can I join? :)) Must have a bike somewhere…

  2. Just watched the trailer. Cool” I used the same template for the kids! :-)Just watched the trailer. Looks great. Used the same one for the kids..! 🙂

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