Update and Whereabouts


I thought it is time again for an update on how we are doing and how things are progressing.  I am now in my second ‘work-free’ week and really start enjoying it and also realize that I don’t have to go back to work for a while. A very new feeling.

After a week of unpacking, family time, exercising (cycling, running and strength training) in beautiful Empfingen and surroundings, we spent last weekend with some of my dearest friends in Germany and really enjoyed seeing them and having some quality time with them. Leaving them behind for a long time wasn’t easy and made me quite sad, the first time I realized I won’t see them for at least a year anymore. Thank you Anna-Kira, Annette, Frank, Gabi, Gerd, Hans and Yvonne (in alphabetic order to make sure nobody feels bad about being the last one to be mentioned) for a great weekend, we will miss you a lot!

Since Sunday evening it is family time again – this time with Johan’s family first in Meppel and then in Amsterdam. We also cycled a bit in the Dutch provinces Drenthe and Overijssel to finally test our bikes with luggage. Spending the night on a camping in Muggebeet (moskito bite) wasn’t the best idea, at least for me. I have about 30 moskito bites on my legs and can’t stop scratching….. Other than that, the landscape and the villages  are beautiful and the weather just perfect. Meppel, we’ll be back in less than two weeks for Johan’s mother’s birthday and final goodbyes.

And currently we are enjoying the hospitality of Johan’s sister Anneke and stay a few days  in her beautiful and quiet apartment in Amsterdam. Thank you Anneke, we love it! Tomorrow will be shopping time again: final bike gear, maps, travel guides…..

Next time we’ll post some photos, promised. See you soon!



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