We’re about to complete another milestone: moving from Brussels to Empfingen in Germany. Surprisingly (or should I say luckily?) everything went very smoothly with packing our stuff from Friday through Monday, loading everything into my father’s truck and trailer, driving 600 km or 9 hours behind the heavily loaded truck, unloading everything the next day in Empfingen and driving back to Brussels. Since then we’ve been painting and cleaning the apartment and now we hope to be finished by Sunday evening. All muscles hurt, our legs are bruised and getting out of bed gets worse and worse even though we sleep almost 10 hours a night. We are clearly not used to this type of physical work, but the rewarding thing is, that you immediately see the results of your work!

We’d also like to thank a few people: first of all my father who drove 600 km to the very center of Brussels and back again, my uncle Dieter, who accompanied my father and kept him awake all the way up and down, my mother who made sure that my father wouldn’t change his mind again and prepared great food as always and my brother who organized the moving company in Empfingen to unload everything AND MOST IMPORTANTLY who lets us store all our furniture in an apartment in his house for free. This is WONDERFUL!


One thought on “Moving

  1. Hey! Ihr habt´s geschafft und die letzten Arbeitstage liegen hinter euch… Empfingen wohl schon erreicht und bald kann´s los gehen! Wünsch euch einen guten Start in euer Reisejahr, ganz viel Spaß, viele tolle Begnungen, viele schöne Erlebnisse und einfach ganz viel unbeschwerte Zeit zu Zweit! Genießt es! Ganz viele liebe Grüße, Petra

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