Frequently Asked Questions – Part One

Today I wanted to share a bit more information about our plans and all other things we often get asked by a lot of people. Join in our excitement! And for the insiders following this blog: opinions in below FAQs are solely my own and did not get legally approved!

Enjoy reading and let me know if you have any other questions you would like me to answer!

When do you leave?
Johan’s last working day is 20 July and mine is 3 August. We are currently planning to fine-tune our plans and leave at the end of August/beginning of September.

Where do you live until then?
My brother has kindly offered us an apartment in his house, which is funnily the house I grew up in. Who would have thought that I’ll one day go back to my roots in the South of Germany, very close to the Black Forest (for those who would like to know exactly: the village is called Empfingen, has approx. 3,000 inhabitants and is in the middle of nowhere). And Johan might be the first Dutch having his first address in Empfingen. Even worse, not that he has to really practice his German, he also has to get familiar with the heavy local dialect called ‘Swabian’. That will be real fun.

Where do you go and for how long will you stay away?
My usual answer to this question is that we will bicycle south-east, beginning in Empfingen. Currently we think we”ll cross the Alps in Austria, then travel through Northern Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. From Turkey we will take a flight to India, since by the time we’ll arrive there it will be late fall and we both are nice weather cyclists and don’t want to cycle in the snow and cold. Our journey through Asia isn’t fully thought through, will share more details in part two of the FAQs. In total we plan to travel for about a year, but the future will tell! Maybe we love it and won’t come back or we hate it and will be back much sooner.

Where do you stay while traveling?
In Europe we”ll camp most of the times, there are great campsites everywhere and if not, wild camping will be an option as well. While I have to admit this idea scares me a bit, we only did it once during a vacation. And we’ll for sure reward ourselves with a nice hotel every once in a while (or when it is raining too much – which is actually impossible, since it’s been raining all summer so far). In Asia there are no campsites and you also don’t have much privacy and we will most likely stay in cheap hotels that are available as of approx. 1$ per night.

How much money will you spend?
This we really can’t tell. I’ve read a lot and to be on the safe side everybody recommends to plan with about 50EUR per day and per person. I think this is far too much, given the fact that we’ll cook ourselves and stay on camp grounds most of the times. When in Asia, we won’t need much anymore because both food and hotels are really cheap.

How many kilometers will you cycle per day on average and will you cycle every day?
For the first time in our lives we are not under time pressure, which means, we will stay where we like it and we will cycle when we feel like cycling. However, we are both very sportive and like physical challenges which means we will most likely cycle maybe 60 to 80 km per day on average. This calculation would include about one rest day per week. We’ve travelled with luggage in the past and the longest ride ever for me was about 130km, for Johan 170km.


4 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions – Part One

  1. You have only ever camped wild once… but have you ever published a FAQ before without legal approval? Ah the freedom you will both experience in lots of ways! PS. If yes, maybe you want to send me a private message with the answer 😉

  2. Hello Baerbel and Johan,
    Great to read and follow you on your adventures. Excellent writing skills with lots of humor!!
    Good luck best regards Windy (NL)

  3. I simply cannot wait to hear about the wonderful people that you meet along the way! And of course I hope you find a way for your journey to take you through North America (and specifically Austin, Texas, so I can be a host for you for a day or two!)

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